About Us

Our Story And Goals

We're 2 surfers from the Gulf Coast of Florida who realized at a young age that life's short and there's no time to waste. We became friends and both started surfing in 2014. 2 years later we took our first surf trip to Hawaii which began the travel addiction and content creation. 6 years later on 04/20/2020 with countless memories traveling the world surfing and living it up, We knew we had to create something that could potentially grow and let us live this fun lifestyle forever. That's when Blood Braddahs was born. Our goal was simple, just have fun and create the sickest lifestyle content that inspires everyone to always live it up and chase your dreams. As time goes by not only have we grown but the company itself has too. In 2023 we started up a production company and soon after we realized we could merge the two and take Blood Braddahs to a whole new level. We now offer the full package including the surfer, content creator, model, videographer, and video editor. Making it a one of a kind company that can check all the boxes and inspire others to live a Blood Braddahs lifestyle.

What We Do

We are a surf / lifestyle content creation company that is hire-able to boost your company by bringing you 4k quality content that will increase your company’s engagements, brighten your social media content, and grow your customer base.